"The Client First" Solutions is a consulting company that provides guidance, assists, represents and acts on behalf of clients with their financial product disputes, complaints or grievances against their Financial Service Providers and Insurance Companies.

It is a well-known fact that the Financial Services industry and Insurance Companies in particular have a notoriously bad reputation and a large number of clients are unhappy with their Financial Service providers and Insurance companies and that many of these insurance related products and services bought by the clients are really grudge purchases and that these products in many instances never perform according to, or meet the clients expectations.

With this background the Financial Services Board (FSB), that oversee the Financial Services industry and Insurers conduct in South Africa, have in an attempt to improve the image of the Financial Services industry introduced a new supervisory dispensation called “treating customers fairly” (TCF). This dispensation is aimed at ensuring that all financial services customers are treated fairly by their Financial Services providers, Insurers and that their products and services perform as clients were led to believe and expect.

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is an outcomes based supervisory approach designed to ensure that all financial institutions deliver specific and clearly set out fairness in treatment outcomes for their financial clients. All entities are expected to demonstrate that they deliver the 6 TCF principals listed below to their clients throughout the financial product life cycle from product design, its promotion, advice that’s offered, product acquisition, product servicing, claims and complaints handling:

  1. Customers can be confident they are dealing with companies where treating customers fairly is central to the organisations culture
  2. Products and services marketed and sold are designed to meet the needs of identified customers and they are targeted accordingly
  3. Customers are provided with clear information and kept informed before, during and after point of sale
  4. If advice is given, it is suitable and takes account of customers specific circumstances
  5. Products perform as firms have led customers to expect, and the service is of an acceptable standard
  6. Customers do not face unreasonable post-sale barriers to change products, switch between providers, submit their claims or make complaints

Act now and don’t be another unhappy statistic with the thousands of clients that get treated unfairly by their Financial Services Provider or Insurance Company.
It’s time this Industry owns up to their failed promises and responsibilities, so contact TCF Solutions to assist you with any unfair treatment, complaint or rejected claim.
Are you being treated fairly?
  • Have you been treated unfairly and your Financial Services Provider have failed their promises to you?
  • Have your Insurance Company unreasonably rejected or declined your claim?
Don’t hesitate, TCF Solutions can assist you with your grievance or complaint and secure a potential positive outcome for you.
What our Clients say!
“I would like some expert advice as I am currently experiencing some difficulty with a recent claim with my Service provider. I do understand that your Company TCF Solutions assists in resolving such matters with service providers, if you could assist I would appreciate all the help I can get.”
Are you being treated fairly?
  • Have your Financial Adviser given you the wrong options or incorrect investment advice and failed your expectations?
  • Are your Insurance Company looking after you and your family’s interest and living up to their promises?
Don’t hesitate, TCF Solutions can assist you with your grievance or complaint and secure a potential positive outcome for you.
What our Clients say!
“Jou dienste kom vir my as ‘n Godgegewe instrument om die onregverdige optrede van mense wat voortdurend daarop uit is om hulle gierigheid te bevredig. Ek sê vir jou baie, baie dankie dat jy met ‘n oop gemoed my akkommodeer”
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